weeping willow tree
weeping willow tree for sale
weeping willow tree for sale

Weeping Willow Tree in a 9cm pot Over 30cm Tall

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Willow cuttings grow best when planted between November and April.  Within a month of you ordering, you will be sent a voucher, the actual willows will be sent after November this year.

A weeping willow tree in a 9cm pot

You will receive 1 weeping willow tree. These cuttings are used as ornamental plants and for flower arrangements. 

The tree is grown in a 9cm pot and is between 30cm to 40cm tall when supplied. 

The first picture is a fully grown weeping willow and not one of the 30-40cm ones you will be sent :)

Second picture shows an example of the plants we have in stock. Actual plants may differ depending on time of year and due to the nature of the plant

weeping willow tree for sale