New Year New Us?

We get sent a lot of messages about our willows and other plants. Some of these answers can be found on our FAQ page but I wanted to go into a bit more detail on some of them. Since we are now into 'willow season', I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start putting up some blog posts with some handy tips and tricks. From planting to weaving, I hope to cover as much of it as possible! 

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If you have a particular question about any of our plants then make sure you contact us  or comment below and it’ll either be included in my next blog post or answered directly.



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  • Hi Dave,

    What a nightmare! You’ve come to the right place though!
    Willows can be used to hide a road, building or any other view you’d rather not see.
    Willows can also be used to reduce a the noise that is produced on one side of them permeating to the other side.
    In fact willows are often used as a green wall alongside motor ways and other busy roads, not only do they look great but they also cut down the noise transfer to the homes nearby.
    We would suggest tight spacing of willows, maybe one every 10cm. Ideally you would plant them in a zigzag pattern to reduce the noise and view from a wider range of angles.
    If you can plant sone of them diagonally you can weave them in and out of the vertical ones to further reduce the gaps and also give the willows more support. By planting them tightly and interweaving them, you will also benefit from reduced view and noise in the winter when their leaves have dropped.
    Where willows grow against another willow and stay touching, they can fuse together and effectively both become part of the same shared tree.
    Willows won’t remove 100% of the noise of course but if planted correctly they can reduce it significantly.

    Hope that helps!


    • Tara Davis
  • I have a noisy road that I’d like to ideally not see or hear, I’ve heard that you can do this with willows, is this true and how do I do it ?

    • Dave Lipton